Large Corporations

Our services help large corporations – utilities, equipment and chemical manufacturers, engineering firms in the water industry - achieve transformational growth as they work through an economic environment dominated by accelerating change, increasing risk and the powerful disruptive impact of the conversion of new business models, disruptive technologies and mega trends on water industry.

External Innovation-driven growth strategies: we have developed a rigorous and efficient evaluation processes to target the outside innovation that will best drive your company’s unique capabilities. We develops collaborative processes within your organization to define the solutions that will be most valuable. We work with you to develop concrete strategies for partnerships and acquisitions.
Internal Innovation-driven growth strategies: Your business is already driving business through innovation– at customer operations, in the R&D lab, with partners. Looking at the successes that you see today, we identify how to build those existing innovation resources.
Adjacent market/regions/applications growth strategies: We bring an understanding of a wide range of options to help each company develop a solution specific to them. With a proven product, we may study how to apply success in a specific market in a new one—including recommending product changes to expand to a new market. Or we may advise you on how to move into another market with what you have.
Tactics for Tomorrow: We help you join other leaders in the water industry in reaching beyond your business ties to bring investors, academic researchers, non-governmental organizations, and regulators into your product and market development efforts. Input from this expanded network can help you choose the markets you focus on and the products you target for development.