Small-Medium Enterprises

Our services help small-medium enterprises (SME) – new entrants, growth stage start-ups or private held companies in water industry - to accelerate enter in water business or expansion in new regions, markets or applications or services according new water business trends to ensure their long-term success.

Growth model: identify your company’s Growth Zone, that covers growth opportunities which have been optimized and validated, based on your own strategic objectives and capabilities weighed against opportunities in the marketplace and implement all five phases of the growth cycle: from developing a pipeline of growth opportunities to evaluating and prioritizing those opportunities to formulating go-to-market strategies to ongoing monitoring.
Marketing and branding growth strategies:  Commercial launch and marketing of new business models, services and products lines, through differentiated strategy adapted to the market needs. Customer-centric offer and an unique marketing. Effective marketing and sales-channels.
  • Go-to-market growth strategies: Attracting and securing paying customers and piloting partners including cold calling, preparation of technical proposals, face to face meetings, negotiations, closing and follow-up. Project management, coordination and collaboration with industry partners. Use our network for the client’s benefit (contacts).